Bulino - engraving technique consisting in making from 700-1200 points on a square millimetre; realized on most luxurious fire-arms. It is the most demanding technique because of its elaborateness and laboriousness but on the other hand it enables to achieve an effect of shadows and half-shadows it also reflects photographic quality the picture. It is the most difficult and most appreciated ornamentation technique.

Flachstich - similar to do Bulino, consisting in making micro cuts (in bulino pionts) on the surface of the engraved material. This technique is definitely faster but it gives the effect of roughness on the surface of the material.

Dry needle - engraving technique consisting in making scratches on the engraved material by edge of a scriber. It is a supplement technique to other techniques.

Niello - ornamenting technique consisting in embedding in previously made carves mixture of silver, copper and lead sulphide.

Grandle - deer's teeth. Dictionary, Hunting Arms, Hunting Knives, Others, Contact, Folding Knife, Crucifix, Neckwear Item, Brooch, Others, Hunting Mug, Business Card Holder, Paper Knife, Sketchpad;