Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting it. I do hope that apart from my artistic dreams you will be able to find your own ones, even those you are not aware of yet. Everything that is presented here is a reflection of my fascination with creation of exceptional and unique things; cooperation of brain, eye and hand. The exhibits presented here are the effect of work that has become my fascination since 1984. Everyday I put into this creation all my heart, skills and abilities and that is why it reciprocates to me like a living creature by giving me joy and bringing sense to my professional career.

Majority of my works are engravings on hunting arms, knives, hunting jewellery and artistic everyday usage objects. The most exquisite engraving technique that I use is Bulino. It consists in doing from 700 to 1200 points on 1 mm2, and it constitutes a crowning achievement in engraving art. It definitely is the most labour consuming and most difficult technique. It is being performed by several workshops in Europe and only by one in Poland. Bulino in its nature is being associated with the most luxurious fire-arms. This technique enables to achieve an effect of shadows and half-shadows it also reflects photographic impression of movement. Another, yet far less finesse and more rough in surface, technique is Flachstich engraving. Next type of ornament that I deal with is a newest generation deep engraving in relief, which enables to show individual muscles under deer’s skin and even its hair. I often use incrustation with 24K gold or silver in relief or a flat one.

You are most welcome to get familiar with the contents of my website.
Piotr Gnyp